programming and simulation

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01.00 Introduction

01.01 Defining robots

01.02 Robot mechanicality

01.03 Robot sensitivity

01.04 Robot potency

01.05 Robot intelligence

01.06 Robot artificiality and artificial life

01.07 Robot autonomy and human robot collaboration

01.08 Exercises for Chapter 01

02.00 Embodiment

03.00 Robot mechanics

04.00 Robot control architectures

04.01 Deliberative control

04.02 Reactive control

04.03 Hybrid control

04.04 Behavior based control

04.05 Exercises for Chapter 04

05.00 Introducing ROS

05.01 ROS methodology

06.00 ROS basics

06.01 ROS graphs

06.02 ROS packages

06.03 Running and launching ROS nodes

06.04 Coordinate frame transformations

07.00 ROS topics

07.01 Publishing to topics

07.02 Subscribing to topics

07.03 Custom messages

07.04 Other considerations

08.00 ROS services

08.01 Introducing ROS services

08.02 Serving and calling a ROS service

09.00 ROS actions

09.01 Introducing ROS actions

09.02 Serving and calling a ROS action

10.00 Bibliography

R1.00 Resource R1 Setting up the development environment

R2.00 Resource R2 Getting the textbook code

R3.00 Resource R3 Installing and configuring git