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This advising page is for ME undergraduate and graduate students at SMU.

Academic calendar

One can find the official academic calendar here. I’ve put together an unofficial online shared calendar that I try to maintain and keep accurate:

Final exam schedule

The final exam schedule can be found here.

ME undergraduate students

The Mechanical Engineering curriculum can be considered in four primary divisions: Core (General Education), math and science, general engineering (GE), and major courses (ME).

For the 2018-19 Catalog (bookmarked version), here are some useful references.

  • Download and keep track of your progress using the advising checklist corresponding to your catalog. It appears in the Schedule Planning and Registration Guide.
  • Core requirements (including which courses satify each requirement) can be found on page 77). Important note: not all courses in a department (e.g. History) satisfy the related Core requirement. Be sure to check each course for which you register.
  • Math and science requirements can be found on page 247.
  • General Engineering (GE) requirements can be found on page 248.
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a separate admission process described on page 218 and also here. Be sure to submit your application the semester before you plan to begin major (ME) courses. Transfer students should submit an application as soon as possible upon their admission to SMU.
  • Once you have been admitted to the program, you may begin taking the required ME courses, found on page 248.

Undergraduate catalogs

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your catalog (that of the year you began at SMU unless you have succeeded in switching to a newer catalog). Not only are you required to fulfill the catalog requirements, SMU is also required to grant you a degree if you fulfill them.

Here are recent catalogs, some with engineering bookmarks.

Core audit form

Does Course X satisfy the Core requirement? A nice reference is the core audit form.

Undergraduate flowcharts

Below are generic flowcharts for undergraduate students by catalog year (the year you started at SMU). Use the following legend.

2018-19 catalog flowchart

2017-18 catalog flowchart

2016-17 catalog flowchart

2015-16 catalog flowchart

ME elective waiver for catalog change

If you started at Saint Martin’s before Fall 2017 and you have accumulated three extra credits from ME 350, ME 410, ME 498, and/or ME 499, you can fill out and submit this form to have one ME elective (of three) waived.

See this guide for more details.

C- policy

The entire SMU Hale and Inge Marcus School of Engineering has adopted a policy of requiring a grade of C- or better for all prerequisite and major courses. There are a few “grandfathering” rules for old grades in certain courses. See this guide for more details.

EE minor

We are offering a brand-new Electrical Engineering (EE) minor! Details can be found on page 244 of the 2017-18 Catalog.

For an ME major, this requires an additional four courses (12 credits). This minor is a nice way to gain experience in electronics and differentiate yourself from other engineers, especially in high-tech fields.

To officially add EE as your minor, so it appears on your transcripts, fill out this form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

4+1 Master’s degree

The 4+1 Master’s program provides a path for SMU undergraduate students to finish a Master of Mechanical Engineering (MME) degree with a single additional year.

The MME degree is 30 credits, six of which are thesis credits for those choosing to write a thesis. This is a total of 10 courses. As an undergraduate student, up to four MME courses may be taken, up to two of which can be applied to both the ME (as an ME elective) and MME degrees. There are multiple ways to finish the graduate degree in the “fifth” year:

  • with four MME courses as an undergraduate, taking three more courses each semester of the “fifth” year;
  • with three MME courses as an undergraduate, taking three more each semester of the “fifth” year plus one additional course during either summer; and
  • with two MME courses as an undergraduate, taking three more each semester of the “fifth” year plus two additional courses during either summer.

To enroll in an MME course as an undergraduate student, you need not apply to the program; rather, fill out this form, get the required signatures (the Director is Dr. Picone), and submit the form to the Registrar.

For more information about the MME program, see this page. Current MME graduate students, see the following section of this page.

MME graduate students

MME graduate students interested in MME-specific processes, such as completing a thesis, see the MME Processes page.

Graduate catalogs

General information and resources

Finding forms

Some forms are hyperlinked on this page. Others can be found directly from the Registrar’s Forms page.

Adding a course

Typically, if you meet the prerequisites, a course can be added on self-service. However, when you are unable to add a course you believe you are able to take, complete an Add/Drop Form.

Directed and independent study

There is a difference between Directed Study (ME 495 or MME596) and Independent Study courses. Directed Study is for a course not already in the catalog with a professor. Independent Study is for a course already in the catalog, but not currently being offered, so a professor independently teaches the course to the student. Here are the associated forms.

Switching to a newer catalog

Your catalog is the catalog from the year you started at SMU. If you would like to switch to a newer catalog, submit the Request to Change Catalog Year Form.

Core or General Education course substitution

In rare cases, courses taken at SMU or another university that were not initially approved as satisfying Core (General Education) requirements can be retroactively approved to satisfy a Core requirement. The Director of the Core must be petitioned with this form.

Online (ELD) courses

ELD students get priority, but Main Campus students can request to be enrolled in online courses using this form.

Taking a course elsewhere

Once you have begun at SMU, courses taken from other institutions will not count toward your SMU degree unless you have obtained previous permission with a Request to Enroll at Another College/University.

Graduation application

During the semester in which you plan to graduate, be sure to apply for graduation here before the deadline (listed on the application site).