This year, Saint Martin’s University had the honor of hosting our first and the state’s largest FIRST FTC Interleague competition of 2018! The Marcus Pavilion and the Norman Worthington Conference Center (NWCC) were packed with hundreds of students from around the region, who arrived with great enthusiasm.

The "pits": the students in NWCC preparing their robots for the competition.
FTC 11121 Fishy Business Inc showing off their bot.
Team from Pope John Pall II trying to pretend to not be eating pizza.
FTC 6559 Geared Reaction from Union High School showing mad team spirit. Oh and I make a cameo appearance.
The Electric Sheep of FTC 7742 practicing and being generally dapper.
The competition begins!
They kept the referees v busy.
Some of the champions! From the left, Clawsistency, Four Eyes, and Geared Reaction.
Dr. Olwell, Dean of the Hal and Inge Marcus School of Engineering, congratulating Geared Reaction on their big win.