Notes for the FE Review Course

Probability and statistics

Probability and statistics

Cicuit analysis

Basic Electronics
Capacitors and Inductors
Circuit Analysis
Circuit Analysis
DC Motors and Batteries
Wheatstone Bridges
Complex Voltages and Currents
Complex Circuit Analysis of a Differentiator
Norton and Thevenin Equivalent Circuits


Measurement Systems Overview
Resistive Sensors
Strain Gages
Accuracy and Precision

Machine design

Failures resulting from static loading

Static loading failure introduction
Maximum shear stress (MSS) theory
Distortion energy (DE) theory (selection from text, no need to print)
Example: MSS and DE theories for plane stress
Example: failure of a shaft rotating at a constant speed
Coulomb-Mohr theory for ductile materials
Failure of brittle materials

Failures resulting from variable loading

Fatigue strength example
Fatigue failure example