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This page contains fill-in notes on Measurement lectures from the course ME 315.

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01.00 Theoretical foundations

01.01 Mathematical measurement theory

01.02 Operationalism conventionalism and realism

01.03 Information theoretic descriptions of measurement

01.04 Model based descriptions of measurement

01.05 Epistemology of measurement

02.00 Signals

02.01 Types of signals

02.02 Fourier series

02.03 Fourier transforms

02.04 Sampling

02.05 Nyquist sampling theorem aliasing and reconstruction

02.06 Discrete Fourier transforms

02.07 Problems for Chapter 02

03.00 Measurement systems as dynamic systems

03.01 Dynamic system representations

03.02 Zeroth order measurement systems

03.03 First order measurement systems

03.04 Second order measurement systems

03.05 Second order measurement systems

03.06 Transient response characteristics

03.07 Transient response characteristics

03.08 Properties of linear time invariant systems

03.09 Response to periodic inputs

03.10 Phase linearity

03.11 Problems for Chapter 03

04.00 Probability statistics and estimation

04.01 Probability and measurement

04.02 Introduction to set theory

04.03 Basic probability theory

04.04 Independence and conditional probability

04.05 Bayes' theorem

04.06 Populations samples and machine learning

04.07 Random variables

04.08 Probability density and mass functions

04.09 Expectation

04.10 Central moments

04.11 Estimation of sample mean and variance

04.12 Confidence

04.13 Student confidence

04.14 Multivariate probability and correlation

04.15 Regression

05.00 Uncertainty analysis

05.01 Design stage uncertainty analysis

05.02 Functional propagation of uncertainty

05.03 Rigorous uncertainty analysis

06.00 Electricity measurement

06.01 Instrumentation for electricity measurement

06.02 Measuring resistance well

07.00 Digital measurement

08.00 Temperature measurement

09.00 Pressure and velocity measurement

10.00 Flow measurement

11.00 Strain measurement

12.00 Sensors actuators and control

A.00 Algebra and trigonometry reference

A.01 Quadratic forms

A.02 Trigonometry

B.00 Distribution tables

B.01 Gaussian distribution table

C.00 Bibliography