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This page contains fill-in notes on Electronics lectures from the course EE/ME 345.

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01.1 Voltage current resistance and all that

01.2 Voltage dividers

01.3 Sources

01.4 Thevenin s and Norton s theorems

01.5 Output and input resistance and circuit loading

01.6 Capacitors

01.7 Inductors

01.8 Exercises for Chapter 01 fun

02.1 Sign convention

02.2 Methodology for analyzing circuits

02.3 A sinusoidal input example

02.4 Transient and steady.state response

02.5 Exercises for Chapter 02 can

03.1 Complex or phasor representations of voltage and current

03.2 Impedance

03.3 Methodology for impedance.based circuit analysis

03.4 Voltage and current dividers

03.5 Exercises for Chapter 03 ssan

04.1 Transformers

04.2 Diodes

04.3 MOSFETs

04.4 Operational amplifiers

04.5 Exercises for Chapter 04 nlnmul

01.1 Quadratic forms

01.2 Trigonometry

01.3 Matrix inverses