Engineering Computing

This page contains my notes on Engineering Computing.

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01.01 Introduction

01.02 The Development System

01.03 Basic Elements of a Program

01.04 Lists

01.05 Tuples and Ranges

01.06 Dictionaries

01.07 Functions

01.08 Branching

01.09 Looping

01.10 Problems

02.01 Python Interpreters and Interactive Sessions

02.02 Scripts Modules and Imports

02.03 The Python Standard Library and Packages

02.04 Namespaces Scopes and Contexts

02.05 Defining Classes

02.06 Style Conventions

02.07 The Design of Programs

02.08 Problems

03.01 Arrays

03.02 Manipulating Operating On and Mapping Over Arrays

03.03 Input and Output

03.04 Introducing Graphics

03.05 Problems

04.01 Symbolic Expressions Variables and Functions

04.02 Manipulating Symbolic Expressions

04.03 Solving Equations Algebraically

04.04 From Symbolics to Numerics

04.05 Vectors and Matrices

04.06 Calculus

04.07 Solving Ordinary Differential Equations

04.08 Problems

05.01 Problems

D.01 List of figures

D.02 List of tables