Dynamic Systems

This page contains fill-in notes on Dynamic Systems lectures from the courses ME 345 and ME 370.

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Individual lecture files

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intro.it The systems approach

intro.sdet State.determined systems

intro.lump Energy power and lumping

intro.mecht Mechanical translational elements

intro.mechr Mechanical rotational elements

intro.ele Electronic elements

intro.genvars Generalized through. and across.variables

intro.genels Generalized one.port elements

intro.exe Exercises for Chapter intro

graphs.intro Introduction to linear graphs

graphs.sign Sign convention

graphs.connect Element interconnection laws

graphs.sysmod Systematic linear graph modeling

graphs.exe Exercises for Chapter graphs

ss.svar State variable system representation

ss.ssmodel State and output equations

ss.graph2nt Normal trees

ss.nt2ss Normal tree to state.space

ss.trans State.space model of a translational mechanical system

ss.rot State.space model of a rotational mechanical system

ss.ss2tf2io Bridge between state.space and io differential equations

ss.exe Exercises for Chapter ss

emech.trans Ideal transducers

emech.transmod Modeling with transducers

emech.dcm DC motors

emech.real Modeling a real electromechanical system

emech.curves DC motor performance in steady.state

emech.dcmtrans Transient DC motor performance

emech.drive Driving motors

emech.exe Exercises for Chapter emech

lti.super+ Superposition derivative and integral properties

lti.equistab Equilibrium and stability properties

lti.vib Vibration isolation table analysis

lti.ghost When gravity ghosts you

lti.exe Exercises for Chapter lti

trans.char Characteristic transient responses

trans.firsto First.order systems in transient response

trans.secondo Second.order systems in transient response

trans.exe Exercises for Chapter trans

ssresp.response Solving for the state.space response

ssresp.eig Linear algebraic eigenproblem

ssresp.eigcomp Computing eigendecompositions

ssresp.diag Diagonalizing basis

ssresp.vibe A vibration example with two modes

ssresp.mixed Analytic and numerical output response example in Matlab

ssresp.sim Simulating state.space response

ssresp.exe Exercises for Chapter ssresp

thermoflu.flu Fluid system elements

thermoflu.therm Thermal system elements

thermoflu.flutrans Fluid transducers

thermoflu.dam State.space model of a hydroelectric dam

thermoflu.fem Thermal finite element model

thermoflu.exe Exercises for Chapter thermoflu

four.series Fourier series

four.fsexa Complex Fourier series example

four.transform Fourier transform

four.dft Discrete and fast Fourier transforms

four.exe Exercises for Chapter four

freq.fir Frequency and impulse response

freq.sin Sinusoidal input frequency response

freq.bode Bode plots

freq.per Periodic input frequency response

freq.exe Exercises for Chapter freq

lap.in Introduction

lap.def Laplace transform and its inverse

lap.pr Properties of the Laplace transform

lap.inv Inverse Laplace transforming

lap.sol Solving io ODEs with Laplace

lap.exe Exercises for Chapter lap

tf.zp Poles and zeros

tf.tfmat Exploring transfer functions in Matlab

tf.zpk ZPK transfer functions in Matlab

tf.exe Exercises for Chapter tf

imp.ip Input impedance and admittance

imp.2port Impedance with two.port elements

imp.tf Transfer functions via impedance

imp.examat Impedance modeling example in Matlab

imp.eqiv Norton and Th\ evenin theorems

imp.divide The divider method

imp.exe Exercises for Chapter imp

nlin.lin Linearization

nlin.char Nonlinear system characteristics

nlin.exe Exercises for Chapter nlin

sim.matlab Nonlinear systems in Matlab

sim.fluid Nonlinear fluid system example

sim.exe Exercises for Chapter sim

math.quad Quadratic forms

math.trig Trigonometry

math.matrix Matrix inverses

math.lap Laplace transforms

adv.eig Systems with repeated eigenvalues

sum.sysrep Summary of system representations

sum.els Summary of one.port elements

sum.lap Laplace transforms

sum.ft Fourier transforms